How to hire a roller - a Rabbit Plant Hire Guide

Are you looking to hire a roller for your forthcoming construction project? From prep work and ground levelling and compacting, to the construction of roads and foundations, we have a selection of ride-on rollers to help you get the job done quickly and efficiently. But, before you make the choice of which one you need for your job, here’s a helpful guide to the things which must be considered before hiring a roller.

In this Rabbit guide, we will explore the following and more:

  • The cost of roller hire
  • Licences to use a roller
  • What size of roller you need
  • Insurance requirements for roller hire
  • Maintenance of a roller while in your care
  • Roller hire health and safety
Hiring roller guide

What Size Roller To Hire

A key consideration, before making any kind of decision on the size of roller you need, is to assess the scale of the area you’re working on and what it is that you need the roller to do.

Smaller jobs can often require smaller pieces of equipment, such as if you have a home or garden construction project to complete. Larger jobs, which cover a bigger area, will require wider rollers to get the job done more quickly.

That’s not where such considerations should end, either. You may wish to take into account factors such as whether your roller needs to be able to get flush with the curb, or any obstructions. Does the work require high compaction performance and centrifugal forces? Will you be using it for a large area, therefore, efficient fuel consumption could be a factor?

In addition, you need to be certain that the machine will be able to gain access to the site and carry out its work unimpeded. As a result, the height, width and weight of your roller is an important factor to bear in mind.

You can find out more about the sort of jobs which the different sizes of roller are perfect for on our roller hire page. Or, if you need any further information, get in touch with a member of the Rabbit roller hire team to discuss your requirements.

Roller Hire Licence And Operation

Wondering who can hire a ride on roller? Anyone over the age of 17 is able to hire and operate a roller, as long as they are able to meet certain criteria.

You need a full category B car licence with provisional entitlement for category G to drive road rollers. If you have a category B car licence, you automatically get provisional entitlement to category G and do not need to apply for it.

While there is no specific road roller licence, as such, most construction companies expect roller drivers to hold the Construction Plant Competence Scheme (CPCS) Trained Operator card, also known as the CPCS red card.

The training involved in the course to get this accreditation includes all of the skills and knowledge required to operate a ride-on roller safely.

As we are unable to supply trained operators to operate any of our plant hire equipment, it would be useful to ensure you have properly trained personnel available to operate the roller, before you make the decision to hire one.

If you need any advice on the suitability of your workforce to operate any of our plant hire equipment, please do speak to a member of the Rabbit Plant Hire team on 01903 851957 for more information.

The Loss or Damage waiver agreement which all of our hirers are obliged to complete states that all reasonable measures to protect the property must be taken and this includes providing properly trained personnel to operate the rollers.

Guide to hiring a roller

Insurance For Ride-On Roller Hire

In addition to making sure that the people operating the roller are properly trained to do so, you must also take all reasonable measures to keep it safe and secure at all times while it is in your possession. This means making sure that it can be stored safely when not in use and that you have the correct insurance in place, should you fall victim to crime and the roller becomes damaged or stolen.

It is advisable that you get hired-in plant insurance, as some construction site insurance policies do not cover hired-in plant equipment.

Liability insurance is also recommended in the event that someone is injured and claims are filed.

Ride-On Roller Health And Safety

All pieces of heavy plant equipment come with the potential to cause damage and injury when not used properly. For this reason it’s vital that a health and safety risk assessment is carried out before hiring in any piece of plant equipment.

Ride on rollers, in particular, come with their own associated safety risks, such as the risk of rollover injuries and fatalities. Steps to prepare the site prior to using a roller, should include a professional risk assessment and completion of a safety plan, the use of barriers to separate anyone who is on foot from the machinery and checks to ensure they are not operated on gradients which are too steep. (Manufacturer recommendations should give you an idea of what the limits are).

It is also important to ensure anyone operating the roller is wearing all necessary PPE and that they will be completely aware of their surroundings, looking out for any potential hazards when operating the machine.

You will be pleased to know that all of our ride on rollers come with Roll Over Protection Structures (ROPS) and safety belts to help ensure workforce safety.

Hiring a roller guide

Ride-On Roller Maintenance

It is the responsibility of the person hiring Rabbit and Dowling rollers to ensure it is properly looked after while in their care. This includes not leaving it in any situation where it is likely to become damaged.

Proper maintenance is a useful way to be certain that no damage occurs, as well as being sure that the correct levels of health and safety assurance are achieved. For this reason, daily visual and operational checks should be carried out on the roller before it is used.

Our expectations with regard to maintenance of and care for the equipment, during your period of roller hire, can be found in our Loss or Damage waiver agreement.

The Cost Of Hiring A Roller

The cost of hiring one of our rollers is dependent on several factors, including your location, the size of roller you need and how long you want to hire it for. For this reason, it’s always a good idea to check that the cost of hiring the correct roller will factor into your budget and add in additional costs, such as fuel and delivery, too.

It’s often a good idea to go for a local ride on roller hire company, because this may well mean that your delivery and collection costs are much lower than choosing a national roller hire company.

The best way to be sure you’ve made the right decision is to get in touch with a member of our team for more details. Give us a call on 01903 851957 to find out more.

Hiring a roller advice

Get Advice On Which Roller To Hire

Rabbit Plant Hire has a choice of roller hire available for jobs of all sizes. You can get more details about our specific rollers for hire here.

If you’re still unsure which roller would be right for your project, do get in touch with one of our experts. We can also carry out a FREE SITE CHECK and advise you on which is the best option for your requirements.

To find out more about Rabbit Plant Hire’s services contact our expert and friendly team on 01903 851957 or email