Excavator Hire

At Rabbit and Dowling Plant Hire, we pride ourselves on offering an extensive selection of excavators, designed to meet the demands of any digging or excavation task. Our fleet ranges from compact models, ideal for precise work in confined spaces, to robust, heavy-duty machines capable of managing the rigours of large-scale construction projects.

The highlight of our collection is the Kubota micro digger, a nimble solution for tasks requiring exceptional manoeuvrability, making it as suitable for smaller, detailed projects as it is for navigating the complexities of a bustling construction site. At the other end of the spectrum, our 14 -tonne excavator stands ready to deliver unparalleled power and efficiency, ensuring that even the most ambitious projects are completed with ease. This versatility ensures that, regardless of the scale or specifics of your project, Rabbit and Dowling Plant Hire has the perfect excavator to support your needs.

PLEASE NOTE: If you're inexperienced with these machines, it's advisable to engage a certified operator.

Ensure you're choosing the right machinery for your specific needs with our expert guidance. Don't miss this opportunity to optimise your operations. Contact us today to schedule your complimentary site assessment and take the first step towards seamless project execution (subject to location).

1.7-ton Kubota
3-ton Kobelco
Excavator for hire

Here is a full list of the diesel-fuelled excavators we have available for hire:

Excavators to hire for smaller excavation jobs


    The compact, powerful and highly reliable Kubota K008 micro diggers, also known as doorway diggers, are the ideal excavator for tight access into a back garden or through a doorway that is 750+mm wide.

    These versatile machines are 2.3m high, weigh less than 1 tonne and come with enhanced safety and comfort features.


    This 1.7 tonne excavator, which has a transport width of 1m and height of 2.34m enables high performance, with low fuel consumption and minimum vibration for operator comfort.

    It comes with the smallest bucket size of 225mm width and additional features include zero tail swing, front cylinder hoses routed through the boom and the Kubota anti-theft system.

  • KUBOTA U27-4

    With the largest cab of any excavator of its weight on the market, the 2.7 tonne U27-4 offers a greater field of vision and a wider, lower entrance for ease of use.

    Highly powerful, productive and versatile, with a maximum reach of 4.74m and dig depth of 2.82m this well balanced excavator makes light work of most jobs, using maximum speed and efficiency.

    Its compact design gives it a transport width of 1.5m and height of 2.4m.

  • LIUGONG 9027F

    This compact 2.75 tonne excavator comes with zero tail swing and boom swing and, with the upper frame and counter-weight sitting within the width of the tracks, it can squeeze into the tightest of building sites.

    The excavator width is 1.55m and shipping height is 2.45m, with a digging reach of 4.75m and digging depth of 2.85m.


    A 3.3 tonne mini excavator makes an excellent machine for driveway reconstruction with a width of 1.55m and height of 2.57m.

    Comfortable, with optimum fuel and energy efficiency, it offers the benefit of practical, full size performance, with short-radius agility.

Excavators to hire for excavating footings

Any size excavator can be used for digging footings, depending on the application, however, we recommend the following:

  • KUBOTA U48-4

    With 300mm minimum width bucket size, this versatile and highly advanced 4.8 tonne excavator offers excellent stability when excavating building footings. With an ultra short swing radius and high digging and lifting power, it can also work efficiently, even in confined spaces.

    This excavator has a width of just under 2m and height of 2.55m, with a maximum digging depth of 3.38m and digging reach of 5.85m.


    A 5.2 tonne excavator with impressive digging power and agile, practical performance with a short tail swing. The Energy Conservation Mode offers extra fuel savings and it has an iNDr Cooling System which ensures quiet operation, dust protection and easy maintenance.

    It has a dig depth of 3.9m and maximum digging reach of 6.24m, along with a 1.94m width and 2.53m height.

  • KUBOTA U50-5

    The smallest of Kubota’s 5 tonne excavator range includes advanced technology, superb economy and comfort, a powerful Stage V compliant engine and efficiency-enhancing operator controls which enable it to take on a range of tasks.

    It comes with built-in safety features, has a dig depth of 3.37m, maximum reach of 5.85m, a 1.96m width and 5.36m height.|

  • KUBOTA KX057-4

    Combining power and versatility to work in any condition, this advanced 5.6 tonne machine is the most powerful excavator in the Kubota mini excavator range. With upgraded digging and lifting power, smooth travel performance and upgraded versatility, it comes with a wealth of user benefits.

    The KUBOTA KX057-4 has a 300mm minimum bucket size, height of 2.55m and width of up to 1.96m.

  • KUBOTA KX080-4

    This 8.1 tonne crawler excavator is designed for long hours and low maintenance, making it ideal for the larger excavations on site and deeper footings.

    The smallest bucket available is 450mm and it has a height of 2.2m and width of up to 2.54m.


    Again, this 8.5-ton mid-size excavator is ideal for larger excavations on site and deeper footings.It comes with excellent levels of efficiency, productivity and power, not to mention user comfort. The smallest bucket size available in this model is 450mm and it has a height of 2.57m and width of up to 2.3m.

Excavators to hire for site clearance and bulk muck away


    A 14.7 tonne state-of-the-art excavator designed with the operator in mind. This large scale excavator is an excellent machine for larger site clearance jobs and bulk muck away.

    It comes with a 450mm minimum width bucket size, as well as a height of 2.8m and shipping width of 2.5m.

  • DOOSAN DX140LC-5

    This efficient and dependable 14.4 tonne excavator boasts some of the highest levels of performance, power and fuel efficiency around - even when carrying out the heaviest of tasks.

    Keep costs down and reduce your environmental impact with a machine which is easy to operate. It comes with a 450mm minimum width bucket size, height of 2.8m and 2.6m total width.

Need advice on which excavator to hire?

Our knowledgeable team of experts is always available to advise you on the type of excavator hire which would be best for your project.

We also know that all projects are very different, which is why we can either carry out a FREE SITE VISIT, or chat to you about the type of excavation equipment that would be the best for your job.

Self-operate your excavators

When you hire a self-drive excavator from us, you can benefit from our team’s many years of knowledge and expertise. However much assistance you need, we can give you all the support necessary to get up and running safely.

Our excavators are easy-to-use and there are a number of excavator sizes available to suit different projects.

Excavator hire and other types of plant hire is available for commercial and domestic building projects throughout Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire. Call us today for more details on 01903 851957.


Plant Hire Service Company

0.8 TON

Plant Hire Equipment Hire Company
Width: 750 mm
Height: 2230 mm
Dig Depth: 1700 mm

1.7 TON

Plant Hire Equipment Hire Company
Width: 1000 mm
Height: 2380 mm
Dig Depth: 2100 mm

2.7 TON

Plant Hire Equipment Hire Company
Width: 1570 mm
Height: 2430 mm
Dig Depth: 2450 mm

3.3 TON

Plant Hire Equipment Hire Company
Width: 1550 mm
Height: 2480 mm
Dig Depth: 2700 mm

5.0 TON

Plant Hire Equipment Hire Company
Width: 1550 mm
Height: 2480 mm
Dig Depth: 2700 mm

5.7 TON

Plant Hire Equipment Hire Company
Width: 1960 mm
Height: 2550 mm
Dig Depth: 3890 mm

8.0 TON

Plant Hire Equipment Hire Company
Width: 2300 mm
Height: 2540 mm
Dig Depth: 4100 mm

14 TON

Plant Hire Equipment Hire Company
Width: 2700 mm
Height: 3025 mm
Dig Depth: 5300 mm