Dumper Hire

At Rabbit & Dowling Plant Hire, our fleet includes a versatile range of dumpers to suit every project requirement, whether for substantial construction endeavours or tasks of a more modest scale. Our selection encompasses a variety of designs, capacities, and functionalities, including both wheeled and tracked options, ensuring optimal performance across diverse terrains and operational conditions.

Each dumper is engineered for efficient transport of materials, from moving bulk loads across expansive sites to facilitating the disposal of waste into skips with precision. Tailored to meet the demands of both extensive projects and more compact operations, our dumpers offer flexible tipping capabilities, front or side, to adapt to the specific needs of your task, ensuring your project proceeds smoothly, no matter the scope.

PLEASE NOTE: If you're inexperienced with these machines, it's advisable to engage a certified operator.

Ensure you're choosing the right machinery for your specific needs with our expert guidance. Don't miss this opportunity to optimise your operations. Contact us today to schedule your complimentary site assessment and take the first step towards seamless project execution (subject to location).

6-ton swivel dumper
1-ton high lift dumpers track barrows
3-ton swivel dumper

The choice of dumper hire we have available is below:

Dumpers to hire for smaller jobs

  • SLANE HT 1000

    This skip loading track barrow is ideal for tight access into a back garden, thanks to the fact it can turn on its own length, offering greater accessibility and manoeuvrability. At 750mm wide and 1.3m high, it goes well with the Kubota doorway digger and has a load capacity of 1 tonne.

Dumpers to hire for loading a skip on flat ground

  • JCB 1T-2

    This 1 tonne, 1150mm wide skip loading dumper comes with excellent build quality and skip strength with a heavy duty articulated chassis to withstand the toughest work sites and achieve the very best levels of productivity. Its hydrostatic transmission offers smooth, uninterrupted power delivery, high travel speeds and exceptional off-road performance.


    A durable, manoeuvrable, versatile and powerful skip loading dumper which features four wheel drive and high-tip capabilities to make easy work of the most challenging construction and landscaping jobs.In addition to its maximum safe load capacity of one tonne, this skip loading dumper comes with a height of 2.86m and width of 1150mm.

Dumpers to hire for small construction sites


    This 1.5 tonne hydrostatic power swivel dumper offers excellent capacity and control with easy 180 degree movement, as well as extra durability and ease of use.With a height of 2.86m and width of 1.3m it makes it perfect for use in confined spaces, or where access is restricted.


    The Thwaites 3 tonne manual or hydrostatic power swivel dumpers are manufactured with contractors and hirers in mind – ensuring operator safety, reducing on-site risks and improving performance.With a height of just over 3m and width of 1.7m they’re perfect for use on building sites where optimum traction and enhanced control is required.

  • JCB 3T-2 (swivel and straight tip)

    These versatile 3 tonne swivel dumpers and straight tip dumpers are exceptionally tough and highly productive, with the ability to manoeuvre easily on a whole host of terrains thanks to a four-wheel drive, hydrostatic transmission. They stand at just under 3m in height and are 1650mm in width.

Dumpers to hire for bulk loads


    A 6 tonne dumper which comes with the option of a power swivel skip to enable efficient productivity, even in areas where space is tight.With a height of just over 3.3m and width of 2135mm m they can manoeuvre in tight spaces while offering the option to carry a larger load.

  • JCB 6T-2

    Superior safety, comfort, serviceability and ease-of-use are among the many positive aspects of this 6 tonne site dumper which is guaranteed to maximise productivity wherever you deploy it.It comes with two distinct skip options to enable it to suit a range of different applications and stands at a height of 3.2m with a 2.2m width.

  • JCB 9T-2

    As one of the largest dumpers in the JCB range, this powerful 9 tonne dumper is perfect for use on construction sites when carrying bulk loads and moving large heaps of spoil.Despite its size, it’s easy to operate, thanks to its four wheel drive capabilities and power shuttle transmission. It is 3.7m in height, with a 2.5m width.


    At 3.6m in height and 2490mm in width, this Thwaites 9 tonne dumper is again perfect for bulk loads and moving large heaps of spoil.It has a number of features including a folding ROPS frame, enhanced traction and stability, as well as speeds of up to 18.7mph.

Dumpers to hire for boggy sites


    A 3 tonne tracked dumper which is perfect for working on boggy ground, such as farmland, grassy spaces and other muddy land where other dumpers might struggle.At just under 2.5m in height and 1520mm in width, it can get into most areas where space is tight.

The right dumper hire for your construction project

We understand that all projects are very different, which is why our team can carry out a FREE SITE CHECK and will chat to you about the type of dumper you need to get the best job done.

We can provide the machinery you require for your project, hassle-free, with the added benefit of professional support from our experienced and friendly team.

If you have any questions regarding the right machinery or our dumper hire cost, we’re just a phone call away to make sure you’re on the right track.

A wide range of plant hire is available for commercial building projects throughout Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire. Call us today for more details on 01903 851957.


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Width: 750 mm
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Width: 1600 mm
Height: 2226 mm

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Width: 1150 mm
Height: 2605 mm

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