Excavator Hire

How to choose the right excavator

How to choose the right excavator

How to choose the right excavator for your job

Excavators are used to dig and move large objects. The driving base has a boom arm with an attachment designed for excavating. A hydraulic force controls the mechanical arm. Excavators come in different sizes that are designed for different jobs and site sizes. The sales team at Rabbit can help you choose the right excavator to hire for your job.

What are excavators used for?

Excavators are used in both large and small scale constructions. As well as digging trenches and foundations for buildings, they can move large rocks and construction material and waste.

How do customers decide which excavator is the right size?

Our excavators come in 11 different weights, from the smallest at 0.8 tons to our largest 14 ton machine. How deep you need to dig is one of the primary considerations when choosing which size digger to hire. Our 0.8 ton digger can reach depths of 1.7 metres, so, for many DIY projects like re-laying driveways or digging gardens, this depth may be sufficient. Larger construction sites often need to reach much deeper into the earth. For domestic projects, the width and height of the excavator is important to consider too. Plenty of access for the delivery vehicle is also required.

What excavator attachments are available?

Talk to us about what your project involves and we’ll make sure you have the tools you need to complete the job. We offer breakers and augers for our excavators.

Who can hire an excavator?

Excavator hire is available to both domestic and business customers.

For more information about excavator hire, contact us on 01903 762020 or email info@rabbitgroup.co.uk