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Fight Theft With Building Site CCTV Hire

Fight Theft With Building Site CCTV Hire

At Rabbit, we understand the impact that a breach of security can have on your operations, so we’ve expanded our range of services to include building site CCTV hire security. Read on to discover the systems we offer and what they can mean to the safety and smooth running of your site.

Protect Your Assets With Rabbit Security

Imagine the frustration of showing up to your site on a Monday morning, only to find that essential tools and materials have been stolen overnight, or that machinery has been irreparably vandalised and damaged. Not only do you now face the stress of filing additional paperwork and arranging replacements but the whole project is slowed down, costing extra time and money.

Crime is rife in the UK, with 1.9 million recorded thefts in 2020/21 alone, not to mention the vast numbers of unreported acts of vandalism. While we all try to prevent opportunistic crime by keeping valuables out of sight and under lock and key as best we can, those small hurdles aren’t enough to dissuade a determined criminal.

With Rabbit Security, you can choose from two CCTV solutions to suit your building site security requirements, with quick delivery across the UK. So, whether you’re already dealing with site security breaches, have growing concerns about safety or simply want to be proactive, you can have the confidence of a site CCTV system with next-day delivery.

Cover Yourself With Building Site CCTV Hire

Did you know that if someone injures themselves on your site, you may be liable even if they were trespassing? This was brought into the public eye recently when trespassers broke into Aldershot Lido in Hampshire and did some serious damage to themselves by attempting to ride a closed water slide after hours. Despite the clear wrongdoing of the injured, they are seeking legal advice There are countless similar cases that have been brought to court.

At Rabbit, we understand the risks on a worksite better than most. As experts in the demolition industry with nearly two decades in the trade, safety is our number one priority; so situations like this are incredibly disconcerting.

With building site CCTV hire, you can install a Videoguard or Videoguard Ultra IP system in as little as 24 hours after placing your order. Should someone enter your site after hours, the detector activated alarm will alert the central station and send an alert to registered keyholders, allowing you to act quickly, notifying the authorities and securing the site.

Choosing The Right Security System

We believe in keeping things simple, so our building site CCTV hire includes just two options that cover all security needs. Both of these units offer the same peace of mind using a motion sensor activated alarm system. However, there are small differences that might make a particular model better suited to your needs.


This unique system is designed primarily for small sites and temporary projects, particularly where power and phone or broadband connections aren’t available. Multiple self-powered cameras transmit their feed to a control panel transmission unit. The unit itself has an integrated 4G communications device that triggers an alert response to keyholders when activated.

Videoguard Ultra IP

Boasting the same functionality as the standard Videoguard, the Ultra IP uses a more traditional IP based system that is better suited to larger or more long term sites where power and communications are available. The setup utilises wifi or network cabling to transmit images back to the recording system. It also sends detector activated alarm events to the central station for a 24/7 response. Other than the network method, the dominant difference between the original Videoguard and the Videoguard Ultra IP is that the Ultra IP continuously records the camera feed and can be viewed remotely (subject to connection).

Secure Your Site Today

Rabbit Security CCTV hire systems can be with you within a week, or, when time is of the essence, we can offer next day delivery at an additional fee. Although we are based in the south of England, we can deliver our building site security systems throughout the length and breadth of the UK and our team is only a call away for help and support when it’s needed.

Existing customers of Rabbit and Dowling Plant Hire can enjoy the added convenience of having one supplier to provide your facility, machinery and security systems.

Use Rabbit for all your construction site needs and enjoy the benefits of:

  • Simple, straightforward ordering
  • Reduced admin
  • A firm with years of industry experience
  • Support from a team that understands the risks contractors face

For more information about choosing the right CCTV system for building site security, or to discuss the full range of service we provide, get in touch with a member of our team today.