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Our Plant Hire Equipment Explained

Our Plant Hire Equipment Explained

At Rabbit & Dowling Plant Hire, we have over 250 pieces of plant equipment for hire, giving you the technical support you need for all types of excavation and groundworks projects. From masted forklift and dumper hire, to roller and excavator hire, we deliver and collect to customers in Sussex, Surrey and Kent for both short and long-term rental. Here we explain more about some of our plant hire equipment to give you a better understanding of our capabilities.

Dumper Hire

Depending on the scale of project you are working on, our dumper hire service provides 8 different sizes to choose from:

  • 1 ton (skip loading)
  • 1 ton (track barrow – skip loading)
  • 1.5 ton
  • 2 ton
  • 3 ton
  • 3 ton tracked
  • 6 ton
  • 9 ton

If you have a large amount of soil or rubble that needs to pass through narrow gateways or doorways, a track barrow dumper is the best option. It significantly reduces the likelihood of damaging nearby pathways and grass and is a far more efficient method compared to using wheelbarrows. A track barrow dumper can also tip straight into a skip, making the clearing process much easier and faster to complete.

When you need this type of plant hire equipment for larger projects, the 6 or 9 ton dumper may be more suitable. They improve on-site efficiency, due to their low centre of gravity, ground clearance and heaped skip capacity.

Excavator Hire

Excavators play a central role on almost every major construction site. Also referred to as diggers, you can use our excavator hire service to manage a variety of tasks, including material handling, demolition, mining projects and landscaping.

Before you settle on the size of excavator needed for the job, you should first assess what it is you need it to do. Take into account the size, any attachments that are required and how long you will have to hire it for.

To give you an initial idea, take a look at the ten different sizes we can offer:

  • 0.8 ton (dig depth: 1700mm)
  • 1.7 ton (2100 mm)
  • 2.2 ton (2300 mm)
  • 2.7 ton (2450 mm)
  • 3.3 ton (2700 mm)
  • 5.0 ton (3380 mm)
  • 5.7 ton (3890 mm)
  • 8.0 ton (4100 mm)
  • 14 ton (5300 mm)
  • 21 ton (7200 mm)

If you are working in a tight space, the more compact 0.8 ton size could be more appropriate. At the other end of the scale, our 21-tonne excavator is for large projects and is capable of performing heavy-duty tasks.

Masted Forklift Hire

AUSA masted forklifts are ideal for use on flat, even surfaces. Their compact size ensures excellent manoeuvrability and a small turning radius, giving you better control at all times.

Our AUSA 4 metre masted forklift is easy to use and has the capability to move large volumes of heavy loads. It delivers fantastic performance and greater versatility to support the needs of your project. The forklift can also be used in conjunction with a telescopic handler to enhance your activities on-site.

Roller Hire

When it comes to compressing soil, asphalt, gravel or sub-base, it’s important to find the right roller that will complete the job with efficiency.

At Rabbit & Dowling Plant Hire we have two width sizes to choose from:

  • 820 mm (2420 mm ROPS UP)
    This ensures high compact performance. It is designed for patching, road repair and for use in confined space applications.
  • 1200 mm (2550 mm ROPS UP)
    Great for compacting large areas of asphalt, hardcore or stone. This size offers excellent manoeuvrability and clear visibility while in use.

If you are unsure which width size is appropriate for your project, get in touch with our support team, and we’ll be more than happy to help.

Telescopic Handler Hire

Also known as telehandlers, reach forklifts or zoom booms, our telescopic handler hire service is used by companies who need more versatility and control on-site.

A telehandler can be put to use for a number of tasks, such as a crane, aerial work platform, lift truck, earth-moving machine or tractor. How you deploy it depends on the type of attachment added to the telescopic boom.

Let us know what tasks you need the telescopic handler to carry out on-site and we can advise you on the size and accessories you’ll need.

We have seven sizes available to hire at the following lift height:

  • 4 m JCB
  • 9 m JCB
  • 6 m MERLO
  • 10 m MERLO
  • 14 m MERLO
  • 17 m MERLO
  • 11 m MANITOU

To find out more about our plant hire equipment and services, get in touch with our friendly team today on 01903 851957, email, or leave us a message here.