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The true cost of cheap plant hire

The true cost of cheap plant hire

Here at Rabbit and Dowling Plant Hire, we completely understand that our customers’ budgetary constraints are one of the biggest factors, when choosing their plant hire equipment.

Without doubt, hiring plant equipment for your building site, construction or demolition project is much more cost effective than buying it (unless of course, you’re planning to use it constantly for the next few years).

Hiring in plant equipment means that you won’t have to worry about storage requirements when the machinery is not in use and you won’t have the headache of ensuring that the right security is permanently in place to prevent onsite crimes, such as vandalism and theft.

Instead, once you’ve finished with your plant equipment, it can be taken away again. There are also the benefits of not needing to pay for servicing and repairs.

However, once you’ve decided to go with the option of hiring your construction equipment, it’s important to beware of going for the cheapest deal you find. It could end up costing you more in the long run.

The true cost of cheap plant hire

A particularly cheap plant hire company may seem like an ideal option from the outset, but ask yourself, are they cutting dangerous corners to make themselves the cheapest? Could that cost you more on time, effort and ultimately, your budget?

Cutting corners on cost might mean you run the risk of:

  • Substandard or broken equipment (causing you hold ups while it gets fixed)
  • Plant hire equipment which doesn’t run well because it hasn’t been regularly serviced
  • Getting the wrong equipment for your specific needs
  • Experiencing delivery delays which hold up your project
  • Poor standards of customer service
  • Old and out of date plant hire equipment

There’s nothing worse than external factors holding up the progress of your construction project. That’s why you need to know for certain that the hired-in equipment you’re expecting will be there and in perfect condition, ready for use, right when you need it.

When you’re hiring plant equipment for your site, it’s also vital that the machinery is absolutely perfect for the tasks it’s needed for. Consideration must be given, not only to the type of project, but also to the size of the project, timescales, space available and other limitations.

It’s for this reason that we offer all of our customers a free site visit to ensure they get the perfect plant hire equipment for the job. In addition, once you’ve chosen your plant hire machinery, our team of friendly and helpful experts will be regularly available to give help and advice when and where it’s needed.

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