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Important factors to consider when hiring an excavator

Important factors to consider when hiring an excavator

Excavators are highly versatile pieces of heavy machinery which can be used for a wide range of construction sites, demolition or mining tasks, from digging and landscaping to heavy duty hauling.

There are also various attachments which can be attached to an excavator’s boom and arm, such as breaker or auger attachments, which add to their versatility.

Excavators come in a wide range of sizes to suit, not just the task in hand, but the size of the site on which it will be working.

Here we provide guidance on what to consider when hiring an excavator.

Major considerations when hiring an excavator

There are several factors to consider when determining the size of excavator you need, but the first one should be the area which you have available to manoeuvre in. If space is tight, or there are lots of obstacles to move around, then you may find that a compact mini excavator is the best option.

When thinking about what size excavator you need, also bear in mind whether there are underground pipes, which may not take the weight of a heavier machine. Also remember to factor in the tail swing of your excavator, which could potentially cause damage to buildings or injury to those working nearby.

The type of ground that your excavator will move on is another important consideration, as some types of ground will cope better than others with the weight of heavy construction equipment. Construction site areas can be easily churned up without proper care.

When considering the weight of the excavator and its suitability for the terrain, you will also need to factor in the weight of the operator and the load it will be carrying.

What will you need your excavator for and where will you store it

It may sound obvious, but a major consideration in deciding on which size of excavator you need is where you will store it when not in use. If you only have a small space to securely store it, then this may be another reason to choose a smaller excavator.

Also, carefully consider all the kinds of work your excavator could be undertaking. Remember, different sized excavators are appropriate for different tasks.

Rabbit and Dowling Plant Hire has a wide range of excavators for hire. Our smallest excavator is the Kubota micro digger, which is perfect for manoeuvring in tight spaces, while our biggest, the 21-tonne Kobelco excavator, is a heavy-duty option ready to tackle the largest construction projects.

You can find a full list of the diesel-fuelled excavators we have available for hire here.

Need advice on which excavator to hire?

Our knowledgeable team of experts is always available to advise you on the type of excavator hire which would be best for your project.

We can also carry out a FREE SITE VISIT, or chat to you about the type of excavation equipment that would be the best for your job.

Our excavators are easy-to-use – just check out our handy Guide to Excavators for more details.

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