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The Benefits of Choosing The Right Plant Hire Company

The Benefits of Choosing The Right Plant Hire Company

Whether you are working on a large or small project, renting machinery and equipment can make all the difference. At Rabbit & Dowling Plant Hire, we’ve helped countless customers working in the Sussex, Kent and Surrey areas, delivering and collecting high-quality plant equipment that keeps them on schedule. To find out how, we explain the benefits of choosing the right plant hire company.

First-class plant equipment

The equipment you use on your projects will determine the quality of services you provide, and, in-turn, the reputation of your plant hire company. If you cannot afford to invest in new construction equipment or, if you decide to take a risk on second-hand goods, there are fewer guarantees that you will produce high quality results.

Using a plant hire company like Rabbit & Dowling gives you assurances that you are using high quality equipment at all times. Our plant machinery undergoes regular maintenance checks to ensure they remain in good condition, so you should never have concerns about safety or performance standards. You’ll have access to the highest specification of machinery that you might otherwise not have been able to afford, which gives you a much better chance at producing the results you need.

Reduced plant storage requirements

One of the biggest issues that comes with owning your own plant machinery and equipment is finding a suitable place to store it when not in use. This adds to your overall expense because you not only have to pay for its housing, but you also have to make sure strong security measures are in place to keep it safe.

Even when the equipment is left overnight on-site, a strong level of security is necessary to safeguard against vandalism and theft. But, when you hire plant equipment, you only have the responsibility to ensure it is safe and secure while it is in your possession.

While we expect our customers to insure the machinery, if they don’t have any hired in plant insurance, for a premium of 15% of the hire rate, we can provide that insurance. Or, we can hire an alarm system to you, where required. Please get in touch for details.


It’s no secret that new construction machinery and plant equipment can be very expensive to buy. Purchasing new equipment requires a significant amount of investment up-front, which is a cost that can prove prohibitive to many. You may look at second hand tools as an alternative, which will be cheaper, but it also comes with added risks, including health and safety dangers, longevity concerns and long-term maintenance costs.

When you hire our plant equipment in Sussex, Kent and Surrey you only pay for the time you need to use it. We bear all the maintenance and servicing costs and you’ll never have to think about downtime when the equipment is not in use. Strong budget control is essential to the success of any construction project and using plant hire equipment enables you to plan ahead with certainty. Instead of buying machinery, you can hire it, which could also allow you to make savings and increase your profit margin.

Wide variety of plant equipment

The catch-22 you face when buying new construction equipment is that you also place a limit on your capabilities. If job opportunities arise that are not suited to your equipment, you’ll probably have to turn them down. Alternatively, you may be tempted to use the equipment on tasks they are not a good fit for, which can lead to damage, expensive repairs and replacements, as well as subpar performance.

At Rabbit & Dowling we have a wide range of machinery and equipment for you to choose from, giving you a greater variety of plant hire options for your business. At present, we have over 250 plant hire items and are constantly adding new equipment to our fleet. And to help you make the right decision, we also offer free site visits to ensure you make the most of your equipment. From rollers and telescopic forklifts, to excavators and dumpers and more, we deliver and collect within the Sussex, Kent and Surrey areas for excavation and groundworks projects of all sizes.

Depreciated costs

One thing that not everyone considers when they buy new construction equipment is how quickly its value depreciates. Initial purchase prices are high, but, from the moment you spend your money and put the machinery to work, the value immediately starts to drop. This means, if you have intentions of selling the equipment at a later date, you’ll struggle to regain anything close to its original value.

That is something you do not have to factor in when you hire our plant equipment in Sussex, Kent and Surrey. This is because you are renting, rather than buying, so you are not spending money based on the value of the product, only the cost of using it for the duration of the lease period.


To summarise, when you choose the right plant hire company you:

  • Enjoy use of professional, high quality, fully-serviced equipment
  • Do not have to worry about storage and security protection
  • Save money compared to purchasing the tools outright
  • Gain access to a wide variety of plant hire equipment to support your works schedule
  • Never have to worry about the depreciating value of the equipment

How to choose the best plant hire equipment

To find out more about our plant hire company services, and to arrange a free site visit, get in touch with our friendly team today on 01903 851957, email, or leave us a message here.